Tania Hershman BW jpeg Hello, I’m Tania Hershman and I’m a short story writer and poet based in the North of England, with a background in science (maths & physics, if you need to get specific!) I often use science as inspiration in my own work and love to see how others are navigating those spaces where the arts  – literature, film, dance, theatre, music, visual arts or anything else you could think of  – and the sciences, maths, engineering and technolgoy meet. I hadn’t found one place online where much of this activity was gathered – so I created Amfibius! (Why ‘Amfibius’? Well, firstly, an amphibian is happy in two places, water and land. And then it’s AmfibiuS – look at all the interesting things going on between ‘A‘ (art) and ‘S‘ (science)! Yes, I know, it’s a stretch, work with me…)

At first, Amfibius was just a Twitter account where I started making lists of Twitter accounts of people and organisations involved in science+art, science+music, science+film, science+literature/poetry, technology+art etc… – you get the picture! I retweeted daily – but am now taking that further with this blog, where I will be posting round-ups every few weeks of all the wonderful activities I have found taking place around the world and online, from performances and exhibitions to artworks, calls for submission and workshops etc…

If you have something that sounds like an Amfibius-type thing, please either tweet me https://twitter.com/AmfibiusSciArt or email amfibious.sciart@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you!